Thanks to everyone who came by, said hello, checked out our stuff, and/or bought stuff at MoCCA Fest …’hope to see you again on the next fest!

Another MoCCA has come to past. Fun times this year with fellow squid, Alexandra Beguez (who won an official Awesomeness award!) and our “4th Arm”, Mauro Balcazar.

One of the highlights was when parents with little kids would flip through my Nature of Nature zines and I had to warn them that those zines were not particularly recommended for kids. We just chuckled.

Another was when a mom asked for me cuz her son, who likes my work and could not be on the show cuz he was out of town, told her to get something on my table. Awesome and very flattered!

'Hope to have more new projects next year. In the meantime, Grand Comics Festival is around the corner. Come find me!




T’was a grand ol’ time at MoCCA this past weekend! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table, adopted my silkscreen books and engaged in small talk with me! I sadly didn’t get to chat with everyone at their tables but I was able to visit some! It was really hard sticking to my MoCCA…

The Squids.

Reintroducing TEAM SQUID

Alden Viguilla moonlights as a Freelance Artist while daydreaming of Heroes and Villains to draw on zines.

Estrella Vega read the “Undine” novella and was very amused by the idea that mythical creatures could earn a soul after having intercourse with a man.

Alexandra Beguez  is a teller of tales and breather of air.

Alden and Alexandra will be tabling at D12 at this weekend’s MoCCAFest. Check us out! We’ll have new zines and silkscreen stuff.


Alexandra Beguez swag



Hoo-ray, MoCCA Arts Fest opens tomorrow (see map here)! Above is a sampling of what I’ll have on hand at the Three-Armed Squid table (D12). Additionally, I’ll have copies of my Narwhal and Pulpo silkscreen books, Owl Maiden totes, and Llama Salutations greeting cards!.


We’ll also be debuting the new issue of Three-Armed Squid’s anthology, The Four Elementals, featuring work from Andrea Tsurumi, Jess Worby, Pam Wishbow, Will Varner and more!

See you there!!